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This year the battle will feature (5) outstanding biotech bands.  
All rocking the stage to compete for not only the title, but 50% of the proceeds for their charity.


Representing: Biogen

The Bad Elements first embarked on their musical voyage together as a cohesive rock band in April of 2019 after a few months of rumors that Biogen in Cambridge, MA had a new company band on the rise. Andrew, Tom, Meagan, John, Will, and Dario all worked in different departments at Biogen and - by chance - connected over a love of music that made those rumors a reality. All members have past musical experience spanning rock, jazz, metal, and theater that has played an influential role in shaping their paths as musicians. This diverse spread of genre led them to quickly create an infectious synergy of harmonious male and female vocals layered over vibrant, melodic guitar leads and hooks, earth-shaking bass, and all ultimately grounded by high-energy, technically-sound percussion. As The Bad Elements, they have collectively combined their talents, stellar taste in music, and passion to create a fun and unique experience for their audiences. Their sound is heavy, but beautiful and, at times, funky. Their catalog of performed songs can best be described as "eclectic" and is made up of a variety of feel-good rock covers that span more than seven decades!


Chosen Charity Organization:



Representing: bluebird bio

Late in 2017, in an environment (we call it the nest) where you can b colorful, b cooperative and b yourself, a group of creative employees came together to argue over whether the bluebird bio band should exclusively play songs that mention birds, flying or the color blue. The debate rages on to this day and may never be resolved. JC & The Beakers is comprised of hobbyists, independent artists, and new parents imposing on their significant others to watch the kids so we can practice. Together, we strive to shake the walls and windows of the conference room we invade after hours for rehearsal every week, and to have a good time doing it. Since our beginning, we’ve remained an inclusive forum where anyone can join and we are proud to have gained several new birds along the way. We try to never lose sight of the fact that we’re the equivalent of the house band on a cruise ship, except the ship is trying to cure cancer and severe genetic diseases. We’re so excited to debut at the Battle of the Biotech Bands but be ready, we’re about to BRING DOWN THE HOUSE (…and paint it blue)

Chosen Charity Organization:

Music and Youth


Representing: Cytiva

Working for a company that supports your passion and embraces your mission is what has kept LifeSize together for the last 10 years.  It all started with a few phone calls and a General Manager that had an idea to bring together musically talented individuals within the organization to form a band to perform at national sales meetings.  Through the years, the band has expanded their mission to include philanthropy through music. 

They were a Finalist in the 2011 Battle of the Corporate Bands sponsored by Fortune Magazine and the Rock Hall of Fame.  They also competed in the 
2017 Battle of the Biotech Bands earning $18,000 for the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Six musicians from 4 different states makes it a bit of a challenge to rehearse, but the band’s hard work, persistence and dedication is a recipe for success. They bring their own musical interpretation and style to the stage, but never lose sight of the reason they exist – to carry out the Cytiva mission of helping support scientific research to improve lives.   We are thrilled to have the opportunity to delight a local Boston audience in our 2nd appearance at the Battle of the Biotech Bands.  Get ready to rock with LifeSize on May 14!!!

Chosen Charity Organization:

Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research


Representing: Sanofi Genzyme

Led Zymmelin was formed in 2013 and consists of members from the Commercial Field Force, Case Management, Medical Affairs and Patient Education Services of Sanofi Genzyme.  Led Zymmelin’s first performance was at the Sanofi Genzyme National Kickoff Meeting in Amelia Island, FL in 2014.  Since that performance Led Zymmelin has performed at Sanofi Genzyme Company functions in Boston, Toronto, Las Vegas, San Diego, in Nashville at the Wild Horse Saloon and most recently in Atlanta at the Tabernacle. 

Led Zymmelin won the Battle of the Biotech Bands in 2017 and participated in the Battle of the Biotech Bands in 2018.  Led Zymmelin performs a format of Classic Rock and Contemporary music and specializes in songs that make people want to move and dance

Chosen Charity Organization:


Representing: Sage Therapeutics

Sometimes waiting for just the right timing, circumstances and especially the right people, is well worth the wait.  This is how the story unfolded for ATC, formed in January 2018 after many months of planning.  All coming from bio-pharma industry, although different companies, members of ATC are as passionate about their music as they are of their quest towards scientific breakthroughs and the discovery of new medicines.  ATC has embarked on a mission of becoming a high energy, edgy and, most of all, fun rock & roll band, along with fostering a strong sense of community.  We are determined to be great citizens, bridging our pharmaceutical “day job” with the broader community of charitable organizations and foundations by using our band voice to raise dollars for people in need.

Chosen Charity Organization:

Joseph's Hope Scholarship Fund for Epilepsy Foundation of New England

meet the 2020 bands:


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Biotech Bands

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